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About Us

The Fabled Florette is a team of creative individuals who work together to execute beautiful events. We customise our weddings, events, socials, editorial and activations so that your floral is speaking for you – loud and clear.


            Tucked away in a warehouse in St Peters is a hidden hive of activity and colour.  Our floral designers work with the freshest floral and foliage, carefully conditioning and preparing all elements so they are flawless on the day.   


With over 50 years on the tools – what we know to be true is that it isn’t only about the floral. Our team ensures that the pre-production is completed 14 days prior; no last-minute phone calls or questions; every detail is combed through beforehand. 


            Our focus is simple – for us it is about the floral and the client experience. If you’re looking for beautiful floral created by women who solve problems you never knew you had – get in touch and we’ll hold your hand while you fall in love with your floral.



Jacqueline is our resident ginger, hand-talking the ears and eyes off our clients and couples.  If you’ve met Jacqueline – likely you left with far too much information and an overwhelming sense of calm.  With over 20 years on the tools in about as many roles as this industry has to offer; that confidence you feel in her presence is not a trick.  Working in the US, Canada and the UK, floralling on Cruise Ships and Grand Pianos, teaching Floristry to the next gen to even managing a Floral Call Centre – she’s seen it all and made it all.  Young enough to stay up-to-date, yet old enough to afternoon nap – she is the epitome of the creative Pisces.  She is addicted to sugar and saying “hour of power” in the afternoon between 2pm and 3pm.  Trust her, you won’t regret it.



Linda is a little bit disco and burst onto the floral scene sometime in the 1980s – we never admit exactly when.  She is our resident double-threat – both florist and horticulturalist.  She lives and breathes for plant material and floral trends.  If there is a floral technique she doesn’t know; then it is not worth knowing.  Working alongside some famous industry legends throughout her many years on the tools – she is about as professional as they come.  She can be found on any given day, singing at the top of her lungs and if any of the lyrics are correct it is considered a Christmas miracle. All of our warehouse preparedness compliments are due to this dynamo.    



Kelly is our man (with a ladies’ name) about town. If you’ve ever received floral from an incredibly well-dressed, Captains’ Hat wearing gentleman you’d remember him.  He handles logistics and transport – which translates to building and rigging things for the whack ideas we sell.  Transportation of floral is a fine art and this man has the softest touch when it comes to packing floral – like a safe-cracker or a pickpocket.  Travelling all over Sydney any given wedding weekend; he gathers friends like the Pied Piper – transporting stranded Photographers, texting venue coordinators and definitely accepting shots of Rakija from Grooms.  If you see him in our vehicles; don’t hesitate to wave – he’s the kind of winner who always waves back.   

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